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The presentation on Fair-share Spending from
the 2012 Participatory Budgeting Conference!
English: Open Office slide show, Printer pdf.
Español: Open Office diapositivas, impresora pdf.
Portugués: somente texto: Inglês, portugués, espanhol.
中国版 Chinese: Open Office 幻灯片, 打印.

Single-Sheet Handouts

These introduce Ranked Choice Voting and the free ebook.
Here is a two-page pdf for common, letter-size paper.
Legal-size paper makes a tri-fold fit neatly into a pocket.
And the low-cost mailer is very similar.

Workshop handouts can print on A4 letter paper with plain columns, or a more colorful style.

Booklet Versions

The eBook is beautiful and concise.
It has internal links from its contents and index pages,
and external links from its reference pages.
It is made for screens on phones, tablets or laptops.

Web pages are the most complete and functional version because JavaScript lets you sort the tables and play the embedded games. Start with the primer and the workshop games, then the slideshows of election and budget simulations. Statistics pages show the actual effects of the voting rules used by the stable democracies.

The booklets for printing on A4 letter-size paper are pdf files without links.

The simplest is just a flat sheaf of A4 letter-size paper, to staple on one corner or edge. It has more complete references.

The hardback size lets you print a beautiful booklet on A4 letter-size paper. (For the saddle binding, like a magazine, you might use normal staples through the 18 sheet spine. The booklet is just thick enough to show the spine title along its cover.

The pocket size is more handy and cute but tricky to make. (It needs ways of cutting the b4 legal-size printout in half and saddle binding it — a long-reach stapler helps, but sissors and clips could do it.)

The old abridged black and white version is easy but ugly. You need just 7 sheets of A4 letter paper and a plain stapler. It prints well on black-ink printers and copiers. Other versions look better in color.

A teacher's edition has room for notes if printed on b4 legal paper. It has the most complete reference section. The Power Point outline also includes discussion notes.

Covers printed on heavy card stock are nice for hardback and pocket paperback size booklets.  The paperback size includes voting cards.

If you would like more numbers and logic with fewer pictures, Democracy Evolves is again free to browse or print.  It prints in B&W on the front and back of four letter-size A4 sheets.  It can be corner stapled with no cuts or folds.  The first page has the introduction to the primer; the other seven add to it at a first-year college level.

Booklets and Slide Shows

The booklet is a great introduction to voting methods or a review of concepts in the website. It is colorfully illustrated and available in your choice of formats.

All-in-1 editions have the Accurate Democracy Primer , the Transferable Vote workshop, graphics from PoliticalSim™ and the budget sim, statistics from nations, references, index and glossary.

Booklet sizes: The pocket paperback is 7 x 4.2, The shelf hardback and español are 8.5 x 5.5, The palm size B&W is 5.5 x 4.2.   Most fit on a4- and letter-size paper. Teachers and readers who like to write in wide margins can simply use b4- or legal-size paper.

Book   Size Font  Sheets  Stapling
Shelf hardback 13 18 letter a4 Saddle (magazine)
File 13 18 letter a4 Corner
Pocket paperback 11   9 legal  b4Saddle
Abridged B&W10  8 letter a4 Corner
Shelf español 1'ed.1114 letter a4 Saddle
Shelf español 2'ed. 11 14 letter a4Saddle
Flipchart3670 legal  b4 Primer, Workshop
Slide Outline 32 screen Primer, Workshop

eBook readers may prefer the screen version.

 Contact Accurate Democracy  Contact Accurate Democracy  Contact Accurate Democracy

You also may download a full-choice ballot and voting cards formatted in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Voting simulations: PoliticalPoliticalSimSim TM is a simulation game that demonstrates voting rules. Updated 99-03-10 (1500K)

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